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Spraying system AGR-08 – The better alternative

Spraying System AGR-08
We offer an attractive package to switch from
AGMD-514/515 to AGR-08

For all users who are faced with the task to replace the existing automatic gun AGMD 514/515, Reiter offers a changeover package. This package consists of the automatic gun AGR-08, an intermediate plate and a nozzle of choice.
The automatic gun AGR-08 is a high-performance spraying system for conventional and low-pressure air atomi­zation. The automatic gun is mounted on existing machine or robot adapters via an intermediate plate. The quick locking device on the intermediate plate allows fast and efficient changing.
The changeover of the AGMD-514/515 to the automatic gun AGR-08 is easy and offers you the following advantages:
  • Large selection of nozzles – up to 1.8 mm for high material throughput
  • Well proven technology and all the benefits of the automatic gun AGR-08, such as a better 12-hole nozzle, universal paint needle, better flushing and improved needle packing 
  • Reduced air consumption 
  • Same tool center point as before, therefore no adjustment of robot programs is necessary 
  • Use of existing air caps, therefore no adjustment of robot programs necessary 
  • The use of the existing wear parts is possible 
  • Handling and repair of the automatic gun are unchanged, so that no additional training is required

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